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Sun and Moon Carved wooden Box

  • Carnelian flame
  • Polychrome Egg
  • Labradorite Tower(Gorgeous Blue Flash)
  • Tigers Eye Tree of Life pendant
  • Sodalite Heart
  • Rose Quartz Bracelet
  • 8x5 Solid carved box

Sold out

Sold out

Beautiful Wooden box with Inlaid Brass Elephants
This gorgeous collection includes:

• Amethyst Sphere 2"
• Labradorite Tower 3 1/2" Gorgeous Blue Flash
• Agate Wand
• Rhodonite Bracelet
• Rose Quartz Tree of Life Wrapped Pendant w/Leather cord
• Rose Quartz Point Pendant
• Rose quarts tumbled chips

Box: 8 1/2" x 5"

Sold out

Gorgeous Sun and Moon Carved Box

This Box Includes

• Agate Wand
• Sodalite Heart
• Rose Quartz Point Pendant
• Dream Amethyst Bracelet
• Amethyst Nugget Necklace
• Amethyst Sphere(1 1/2")

Box:6.5 X 3.75


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